The Stoa

(Noun, Ancient Greek) A sheltered walkway or porch often used as common spaces.
A blog about digital/gaming communities and the importance they have.

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Quote: Megan Mallow

This is a quote from Megan Mallow spoken in the documentary WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn that I found quite fascinating.

There's a lot of really special elements about WeWork that I hope continue to last. Like, especially as we sit in this time of covid and we're, you know, people are working from home, and, you know, I, myself, have been inside, mostly inside for, you know, months and months. And it is on the days that I get to interact with other people that I come home and I'm like "Wow, that was a fulfilling day."

Community, I think has been taken piece by piece from our world for quite a while, like very slowly, and then now we are sitting literally in... in a pandemic of lack of interaction and I would give anything to like... be consumed with people again. This vision of us working together, to be better together, is lacking today. I think we need that.

We go back in time to the Greek town squares. It has existed forever. Community has existed forever. Because it's crucial to our survival as human beings. What are we if we don't have each other?